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Journalist, editor and project manager

  • Multilingualism (in art, among children)
  • intercultural relations, literary and social
I work…

with texts and media


  • (Online) Journalist,
    Content manager
    (since 2002 – proofreading and quality control for DW-TV)
  • Video maker
  • Art critic
  • Author (5 books)
  • Translator

E-TM: Profile der Arbeit mit Texten und Medien

with people

E-TM: Profile der Arbeit mit Menschen


  • Project manager
  • Consultant for multilingual intercultural education
    (since 2005 in Berlin, Potsdam, Munich, Washington D.C. …:
    Lectures, seminars etc.)
  • (Art) Teacher
  • methodologist
  • travel guide

During my years in Russia, I became established as a university lecturer, literary scholar and critic. During my second life in Germany, I worked primarily as a freelancer. I am currently a project manager and general coordinator for SHALASH  (Berlin Intercultural youth and family center SHALASH with Club Dialog e.V.).
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Degrees and certificates
1. Diploma as a philologist (Slavic and Russian language and literature) and educator. My degree is recognized in Germany
2. PhD; Doctoral studies at St. Petersburg University and the Institute of Russian Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences IRLI / Pushkin House in St. Petersburg; my Russian academic degree is recognized in Germany
3. Russian academic degree of Doctor of Philology

1. „Russian as a foreign language“, „Russian as a second language“
2. Online journalist / editor, web designer, content manager
3. Certified (by Leningrad „Intourist“) as travel/tour guide
1. a literary critic
2. an expert on multilingualism in children: from the international society Eurolog (London, 2011)
3. as a translator: winner of the competition at the 1st festival of literary translation 2007 in Hamburg (Institute for Slavic Studies of the University of Hamburg and Literature Association „Source“)

For CV / qualifications, course descriptions / areas of consultation, price lists and others, please contact me!

Details on my secondary activities*
with kidsexcursionsweb-production
  • Language Courses:
    „Fun with Russian“, „Reading and Writing“
  • Courses for creative children:
    „Speaking and rhyming“ (s. also „Carousel“ group at Flickr), „Cultivating imagination“
  • Intercultural courses:
    „I and everyone around me“ (also online, by arrangement), „Virtual tours“
  • Photo Safari with children:
    „Post-Christmas“, „Mirrors on Berlin“ and others
  • Workshops and courses for Animated Film and Video Workshop:
    „Animation Techniques“, „animated paintings of famous artists XX century.“, „Animated Greeting Card“
  • Berlin: City Tours
  • Berlin Wall Tour
  • The Russian Berlin of the 1920s
  • The Russian Berlin today
Multilingualism in children: for adults (3 languages)
Art with children (no longer active): for and by children
„Dia / quadro blog“ (in 3 languages)
Schalasch im Club Dialog

and LJ blog (in Russian) „Our multilingual children“ and other blogs …

All job services on request…
* Text and video „portfolio“ s. pages below.