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Selection of Works
Author of 4 books

E-TM Texte: Nachschlagewerk zur MehrsprachigkeitРусскоязычные дети зарубежья. Справочник мамы
(Moscow, 2014)
– A handbook on  multilingualism in children.


E-TM Texte: Familienerfahrungen der multilingualen KindererziehungНаши трехъязычные дети
(St. Petersburg, 2008, 2nd edition St. Petersburg, 2011, 3nd edition St. Petersburg, 2013, online, online-2 – 2008!)
– Documented own experiences in raising children with three languages at home.
Reviews: V.Levin, E.Kudrjavtseva

E-TM Texte: literaturwissenschaftliche MonographieПроза русского зарубежья и России в ситуации постмодерна
(2-volume work; Moscow, 2000)
– A monograph on contemporary postmodern prose of Russia and the Russian diaspora, cf. doctoral dissertation, extended abstract of dissertation

E-TM Texte: literaturwissenschaftliches NachschlagewerkRussische zeitgenössische Schriftsteller in Deutschland: Ein Nachschlagewerk
(Munich: Otto Sagner Verlag, 1998; Slavistische Beiträge. Band 367)
– A reference work on contemporary Russian writers in Germany (translated into German)
Reviews: E.Katseva, W.Kazack

Criticisms, essays and academic and journalistic articles.

Most of my writings have been published in leading Russian and Russian-language periodicals. Some were written for German magazines and anthologies in German or translated into German. An article in English was published in digest of the best Russian criticism.

Many of my writings can also be found online (on recommendations from expert portals Новая литературная карта“, „Журнальный зал РЖ„, in online libraries and links to the web pages of known publishers and media, for example, the Dortmund magazine „Партнер“/ Partner etc).

Some examples of my writings:
Writings for/with kids: